A Comprehensive Guide to Alleppey Houseboat Trip

A Comprehensive Guide to Alleppey Houseboat Trip

When you think of a trip to Alleppey, the scenic backwaters immediately come to mind. There’s no better way to kick off your vacation than by engaging yourself in the serene backwater beauty. It’s a dream for every traveler heading to Alleppey – floating along the tranquil backwaters, gazing at the lush greenery on the shores, savoring local treats, and spending the night in accommodations reminiscent of luxury hotels. However, for those looking to embark on a deluxe, premium, or luxury houseboat trip in Alleppey, there are often questions about where to go, how to choose the best houseboats, and how much it will cost. Let’s delve more in-depth into the guide to Alleppey Houseboat trip.

Where to Choose from

A Comprehensive Guide to Alleppey Houseboat Trip - Alleppey houseboat station

Alleppey town is the primary hub for houseboats, often called the gateway to the backwaters. With approximately 500 houseboats stationed here, Alleppey offers various options for your preferences. These houseboats operate routes to Kumarakom, Kottayam, and Kollam, providing multiple packages to suit visitors. Whether you have specific destinations or wish to explore freely, Alleppey’s houseboats can accommodate your desires. Typically, a houseboat can cover a distance of forty to fifty kilometers in a day, ensuring a leisurely journey that allows you to soak in the scenic beauty.

Additionally, numerous resorts and star hotels in the area offer their houseboats with separate packages. These luxury houseboats are perfect for witnessing breathtaking sunsets and enjoying a comfortable overnight stay, equipped with bedrooms and bathrooms that rival those of upscale hotels. Beyond that, they feature a living room, dining area, and a well-equipped kitchen to enhance your experience.

Time of Enjoyment

One common question is the time for which houseboats can be rented. You can choose between a day trip or a week-long adventure, depending on your preferences. Day trips typically run from 12 noon to 6 pm, offering a taste of the backwaters without the overnight stay. However, many travelers prefer packages with an overnight stay amidst the serene backwaters. Houseboats on the backwaters overnight typically return to shore around ten o’clock in the morning. A two-day package is a popular choice among visitors, allowing you to explore multiple destinations and make the most of your experience without needing an extended stay.

Choosing the Ideal Route

A Comprehensive Guide to Alleppey Houseboat Trip - Alleppey houseboat route

When it comes to selecting the best route for your houseboat journey, most people opt to start from Alleppey. However, your return route is flexible, with the option to leave at various points. Some travelers prefer a one-way trip, starting in Alleppey and concluding at destinations such as Kochi or Kottayam. If you plan to explore places like Munnar and Thekkady, leaving Kottayam and continuing your journey by road is convenient. On the other hand, those interested in Kochi can choose to conclude their trip there. Here are some of the main routes you can consider:

  1. Alleppey-Kuttanad: This leisurely route takes you through scenic paddy fields with numerous canals and tributaries. It offers an excellent opportunity to engage in the beauty of Kuttanad village, known for its duck farming and shrimp cultivation.
  2. Alleppey-Kumarakam: This route is spotted with luxury resorts along the shores of Vembanad Lake. It’s home to the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and features wider canals than the Kuttanad route.
  3. Alleppey-Alumkadav: If you want to explore the Kollam side, this route is for you. Be prepared for a longer journey, as Alumkadav is a destination near Kollam. Starting in the morning from Alleppey, you can expect to return to Alleppey the following day.

Understanding Houseboat Rates

One common misunderstanding that discourages people from houseboat trips is tension about the cost. Houseboat rates can vary based on the quality of the boats and the season of your visit. For a non-AC houseboat with a one-night stay, prices start at a minimum of Rs 5,000. Deluxe houseboats with AC at the exact location typically cost around Rs 10,000. If you’re looking for a premium houseboat experience with AC, expect prices to go up to Rs 18,000. If you’re looking for a luxury houseboat experience, expect prices to go up to Rs 30,000, depending on the facilities. It’s important to note that these rates are for two to four people. Families or larger groups can choose houseboats tailored to their needs, featuring additional bedrooms and living spaces. For a decent houseboat that accommodates a family comfortably, expect to pay between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000. Meals are typically charged separately, but most houseboat companies include meals in your cost, and most houseboats offer the convenience of on-board cooking where you can select your favorite dishes. Local cuisine is in high demand among visitors, adding a genuine touch to your backwater experience.

Booking Your Houseboat Adventure

To ensure a smooth experience, especially during the peak season, booking your houseboat in advance, preferably online, is advisable. Many resorts along Vembanad Kayal theeram (Vembanad Backwater) offer houseboat packages, so consider taking advantage of bundled deals. Additionally, you can book houseboats directly through the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) website or one of the houseboats companies in Alleppey that you can find online, which provides a range of houseboats classified by class and includes photos for reference.

Exploring the backwaters of Alleppey in houseboats is a fascinating experience that promises extraordinary memories. From selecting the ideal route to understanding pricing and booking your trip, this complete guide provides you with the knowledge needed to launch on an incredible journey through the serene backwaters of Alleppey. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family looking for a peaceful escape, Alleppey’s houseboat adventures offer something for everyone. So, engage in this stunning destination’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

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